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Show your appreciation and tip Hannah live

Welcome to my livestream concerts.  If you're new to streamed concerts.  They are just like concerts on TV, but they are live and you can interact with audiences and me, the artist.

You can watch the show on your laptop, phone/tablet or even stream it to your tv.  You can even watch a show on replay if you can't make the live event.  Just make sure you know what time the show is in your time zone and put a reminder in your phone.  Even better, click the calendar notification on my site to sync it to your personal calendar.

Ticketing and watching the show

I understand that for many, life is expensive at the moment.  So I have tried to price shows as ethically as possible (Including a FREE Friday show each week).  If you would like to purchase a ticket to one of the paid shows simply scroll through to your desired show and click 'buy'.  You can purchase a ticket using paypal or card.  If you would like to watch a Friday Free show, simply make a note of the time and turn up.


Prior to show, if you'd like to join in the chat signup to the chat app on the right hand side.  It will require you to setup an account and password so please do this in advance (top tip, they will send an authentication email so check all inboxes including junk).

See you soon

Love Hannah xx

Trouble Shooting

Logging in issues

  1. Try opening your site and signing up in incognito mode.

  2. Try clearing your browser's cache.

  3. Disable your browser add-ons and extensions.

  4. Go to to make sure you are using the latest browser version.

  5. Try opening your site using a different supported browser.

  6. Temporarily disable your antivirus software (it may be interfering with your ability to load certain websites) and then reload the site.

  7. Please connect to a different Wi-Fi network. If you don't have access to a different network, you can create a Wi-Fi hotspot with your mobile phone to troubleshoot live site issues. 

Finally, if you are having any problems accessing the shows, please contact us on and please be aware that problems can only be fixed prior to shows, not during them.

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